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Startdup.com is a small business founded in 2011 and established by three-founding motivations – Keep it Simple; Be Effective; Make it affordable- and a deep passion for entrepreneurship. Our company firmly believes in small business. We believe in the work we do, because we know our best effort will help a small business grow. Our company is empowered with the drive required to accomplish these objectives, exceed our customer’s expectations and achieve break-through results.


Startdup.com was founded by James McConnell to serve the Web site start-up market in the Lexington KY area. Currently startdup.com is in infancy stage but has a vision for a grand future. Startdup.com plans to focus their attention on idea phase, start-ups and small businesses looking to begin their web presence.


Before startdup.com, James worked on developing several high ranking websites to add to his extensive Management background leading, mentoring and coaching teams in Multi-Million dollar settings. James has been actively coding, developing and implementing web presence campaigns for individuals, “mom and pops”, and start-ups for close to 20 years. It is this background which helped him develop the idea of startdup.com.

Company Mission Statement

Establish Startdup.com as the leading start-up destination on the web.

Our Motto “Simplify the web for your startup.”

Company Value Statement

Our values are the guiding principles for our company and personnel. The values listed below, guide and define our approach to business operations:

Personal Integrity and Mutual-Respect- honor and respect the trust people place in us.

Commitment to Excellence- striving to set a high standard of excellence.

Dedication to Customer Service- exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Consistent Quality Standards- maintain high-quality standards across all categories.

These values live in everything we do. They create a unified mission that our entire company believe in and work toward.

A Talented-Team of Entrepreneurial Design

Startdup.com is a results-focused web service with advanced-expertise in small business development and entrepreneurship. Our Web service empowers our customer’s with the tools necessary to begin their venture; tested social market branding strategies; implementation of emerging web practices; and our company produces guaranteed small business growth for our customers.

Dedication To Start-up Development

Our service mission is to create an easy-to-use, user-friendly website that customer’s will be able to easily begin their internet presence. The formula to achieve our mission is -just as our motto- simple. First, we combine best-practice new website foundation steps at an affordable price. Then, we provide our customers with effective brand recognition platforms that will provide continual marketing solutions designed to help our customer’s business accomplish their marketing, sales and revenue goals.

Commitment To Excellent Customer Relations

Our company believes in forming long-term alliances and managing our relationships with simplicity, integrity and good-will. We create guaranteed start-up web presence packages for small businesses by combining modern research tactics and proven marketing strategies. We work to solve our customer’s start-up marketing problems. We focus on the big picture growth strategy. We understand that each small business we help succeed introduces us to our next opportunity.